Become a young champion by helping refugees go to university

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Do you want to become a Young Champion and change the lives of talented young refugees? 

You can make a difference and help fund the education of refugees who are young students, just like you. Whether you’re in school, university or part of a youth group, you can either donate or mobilize action to help 3 refugees for a whole year of study.

Only 3% of refugees have access to higher education compared to 37% of the wider global population. Talented, passionate refugee students should be supported to thrive, pursue their dreams and become leaders in their field of study and their communities. 

Become a Young Champion for Refugees and donate as much as you can today to help fund more refugee students. Every donation counts.


How can you help?

1# Ask your friends, family and classmates to donate
2# Allocate donations from your MUN’s conference fees
3# Organize a fundraising event: here are 75 ideas!


What will you get?

By donating or mobilizing action for this campaign, you will join our network of Young Champions. You will be recognized by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, for the contributions that you or your group is making to support refugee education. 

How are you making a difference?

UNHCR is committed to the 15by30 target – ensuring that 15% of young refugees, or approximately 500,000 refugees in total, can access higher education by 2030. Everyone deserves access to knowledge and education. Your contribution will help cover university tuition fees, textbooks and learning material. 


Contact us

Make sure to contact us at

  • For any questions about this education campaign
  • If would like to receive more material to build your fundraiser
  • To tell us about your campaign and get a chance to be featured on our social media platforms! 


You will receive a UNHCR Young Champion Certificate of Support
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You will receive UNHCR Young Champion Badges / Stickers
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You will receive UNHCR Supporter bracelets
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You will receive UNHCR Supporter bracelets and stickers
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You will get to meet with a UNHCR Protection Officer!
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You will win a Young Champion trophy, meet with a UNHCR Protection officer and receive other rewards 
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